A relatively new sport in Nepal, but fast gaining ground, canyoning involves navigating streams that flow over steep drops, waterfalls, boulders, pools and narrow chasms. It’s a wet ride involving rock climbing, rappelling down waterfalls, jumping into and across rock pools and swimming through narrow waterways while making ones way downstream and downhill. Canyoning takes you to places you would not otherwise get to see as it involved steep descents through often narrow rock features and without a doubt, what you get to see and experience is something that very few people ever get to see.

It’s a guide led activity and all participants will be kept safe with the use of specialized equipment like wet suits, climbing and descending gear, helmets etc – and the guidance of trained and experienced guides. There are a number of sites a few hours out of Kathmandu City and Pokhara, and some outfits offer multiple day canyoning packages which can involve a day or two of trekking.